UTS Access to the Library

Since the beginning of time, there’s been an agreement that allows GTS students and students of Union Theological Seminary to use each other’s library. This means that GTS students can check out materials from Union’s Burke Library, and vice versa. Here’s how students from Union can get access to the Christoph Keller, Jr. Library.

Our campus at General Seminary is open to the public during limited hours (especially limited on the weekends). UTS students will need to obtain a swipe card that lets them onto the Close. Plan to start this process several days BEFORE you need to use the library. Visit the Library home page for our hours, and see this page for directions to GTS.

1. Apply for a swipe card using this link. You’ll need to have a color photograph ready to upload that’s suitable for your ID; see the link for details.

2. Next, contact Pauline Rodney in the Business Office at 646.717.9751 to pay the $35 fee by charge card. Your GTS access card will be available within two business days after payment.

3. Come to the seminary and pick up your card from the receptionist desk at the gate on 21st Street.

4. Come to the Keller Library and register as a patron – be sure to bring your current Union ID with you. Now, get your research on!

If you have questions about the process, please contact the Keller Library at library@gts.edu, and we look forward to seeing you in Chelsea!


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