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Resources for your ministry from the Christoph Keller, Jr. Library

Most of you are aware that we have a new library at General Theological Seminary. We have a beautiful facility that opened two years ago.

reading room full of students (2)

The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library is used locally by many students, faculty and visitors. But the new Keller Library can also be used from anywhere! The richness and depth of the library’s resources are available wherever and whenever needed for your ministry.

There are lots of things available on the internet, of course. And contrary to popular belief, our librarians aren’t here to judge you if you Google something, or look it up on Wikipedia. But many of us, in our theological pursuits, are looking for something in more depth: perhaps an authoritative source for what St. Augustine actually said , or perhaps to read a book that has been widely discussed that’s not available for free like Zealot: the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan, or to find a review of a book in a respected journal,  or a journal article by a senior GTS faculty member on a topic like Same Sex marriage.

If you’ve clicked on these links, you will probably note that a login is required. This is because the companies that license this material require that users be enrolled at GTS. If you aren’t enrolled yet, see below – we have a very special deal for alumni/ae. If you are enrolled but having trouble, please contact Laura Moore or Mary Robison.

Since January, we have added nearly 7000 e-books to our collection and we have over 400 full-text theological journals available online. Some are available free . We expect thousands more ebooks and steady growth in our electronic journals collections in the coming year.


The Keller Library on the day after Hurricane Sandy

We have had a program called Theological Research from a Distance since 2006. This is an independent study continuing education course-LIB1- that provides access to the services and resources of the Keller Library. Anyone who is enrolled can use e-books, e-journals, borrow books by mail and consult with our expert staff. This year, we will be enhancing this service by sending enrollees several times each semester suggestions for electronic resources that are relevant to ministry.

Topics will include:

Biblical and Liturgical resources for Lectionary Year A, Episcopal and Local Church history, Women in the Bible and Early Church, The Liturgical Year, Getting the most out of JSTOR and the ATLA ReligionDatabase, and others.

The cost for enrollment is a bargain at $200 per year for anyone and GTS alumni/ae get a 50% discount, so they can enroll for a full year for only $100. Please follow this link for more information on how to enroll!

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