Pre-game links

The St. Mark’s Library wishes the GTS Penguins the very best as they play rivals Virginia Theological Seminary and Berkeley Divinity School in flag football this Saturday.

The General Athletic Committee has worked hard this semester to prepare to host our rivals, and the Library staff is glad to support our athletes’ efforts…by being open for research on Saturday, December 4, while the GTS community’s at the game. Our reference librarian (who is with the Penguins in spirit but relieved at not having to personally witness football) will be on hand ready to assist you on Saturday in the Library.

Some interesting random stuff has come our way this week…our very own Father Wright tells us that he’s written a number of articles for the new and improved second edition of the Encyclopedia of New York, and we see that Archivist Gwynedd Cannan of Trinity Wall Street got some great press about their very cool archives just downtown from us.

Finally, check out this chartmaker from the national ECUSA website – use it to build a chart that reflects your church’s growth over a decade, and also get a good summary of neighborhood demographics.

Play safe and pass the buffalo wings!


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