Saturday reference, research sources…plus other excitement!

Our students have been working very hard this week on their assignments and papers, and the St. Mark’s Library is glad to announce that additional reference help will be available to patrons on Saturday, December 4.

The St. Mark’s Library is open on Saturdays during the academic year and is usually staffed by student workers on the weekend…but this December 4, reference librarian Mary Robison will be ready to help you with questions or to assist you in finding that elusive source. Feel free to email her with questions in advance, or just drop in and say hi!

We’re mostly working on Episcopal stuff around here, but in case you’re interested in Methodist research, check out the digital depository at the General Commission on Archives and History at Drew. There are some great church history resources, including many 19th-century fulltext journals here, handy for all sorts of cultural and church history research. (Your reference librarian has experience in Methodist research, so see her if you’d like more information on Methodist stuff or archival resources.)

The St. Mark’s Library is working on updating its Delicious page, so please contact us if you have suggestions or want to share some cool links with us.

Don’t forget about our MOBIA field trip on Friday, November 19 – email us to join the tour!


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